Mio So Shudo

Urasenke Japanese Tea Master 

Mio Shudo is also an expert consultant on Japanese Culture and this includes her being a Urasenke Master of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. 

While being a very talented professional musician on harp and piano Mio is also an expert in the Art of Decluttering which she calls ‘For The Love of Less’. Furthermore, she is an internationally known storyteller and an artist.

At a very young age, Mio was introduced to the Japanese Way of Tea by her mother. At the age of thirteen, an inspired Mio took up lessons from a Tea Master. After a number of years and many levels of training Mio became a teacher and then a Professor of the Japanese Way of Tea. Mio was recognised as an outstanding student by her own Master teacher and this then led to Mio being formally recognised as a Master herself and ultimately by the Grand Master.

Mio has organised and delivered hundreds of events across Scotland and the North of England for people to experience the culture of Japan. This has included people being part of a Tea Ceremony or learning Ikibana the art of flower arranging or even dressing up in Kimono. Mio also happens to me a Dan (Black Belt) of calligraphy.

Mio has received a Commendation from the Consul General of Japan for her outstanding contribution to the Arts. 

Recently Mio became known for making Susan Calman cry on TV. Mio was invited to introduce Susan Calman to the Japanese Tea Ceremony on Secret Scotland. It was so beautiful that it made Susan cry. 

On her personal Instagram, Susan Calman said “the Japanese Tea Ceremony is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever done”

If you would like further information on the range of Japanese Cultural Experience events that Mio Shudo has on offer she would be delighted to hear from you. 

Mio Shudo will ensure a truly memorable event 

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